Real & Personal Property Appraisals

Our company has Certified General Real Property Appraisal services available. We have been active with appraising all types of Agricultural and Commercial Real Estate since 1960. We also do all types of personal property including farm equipment, construction equipment, fertilizer equipment, truck equipment and industrial equipment. We can assist you with placing values on most any type of personal property that you may need to have appraised. We are licensed to service both Minnesota and Iowa. Our clients include Financial Institutions, Attorneys, Private Individuals & Entities, Governmental Agencies, Trustees and Personal Representatives. Through our auction business, we are involved with many different types of auctions each year. These auctions give us an excellent value base for our appraisals. The auctions include real estate, all types of equipment, business reduction & liquidation and shop & tool equipment.

Our Licensed Appraisers Include:

Leah Hartung
Owner of Land Services Appraisals LLC-MN/IA Certified General Appraiser that specializes in agricultural assets including bare farmland, grain sites, livestock facilities, acreages, commercial property and various other types. Contact: 507-236-8786 or

Doug Wedel
Owner of Wedel Appraisals-MN Certified Residential Appraiser that specializes in agricultural assets.
Contact: 507-236-4255 or

Our Personal Property Appraisers:

Dustyn Hartung
Auctioneer & MN Real Estate Salesman
Contact: 507-236-7629 or

Kevin Kahler
Auctioneer & MN Real Estate Salesman
Contact: 507-920-8060 or

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